Long Lasting Make Up : 12 Hours Long Lasting Make-up

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How bad when using make-up in the morning then in hours it has been fade. So we have to back to bathroom to make up. Is there solution for this problem? Of course any, ladies. Don’t be worry about the problem.

If you won’t your make-up fade out quickly, you need to follow this tips. The tips is taken from majalahkartini.com. This is the make-up tips to perfect your appearance.

1. Skin Care; cleanser, toner, and moisturizer
Before make up, make sure your face free of make-up. For the first time you need to clean your make-up clearly. The way to using cleanser you have to put the cleanser on the cotton, then polishing it to your face. polish it from the bottom to up, to face not trim fast. Make sure that your  face, eyebrow, and lips are clean of make-up.
2. Base Make Up
After cleansing, next step is base make up. There are two steps; first apply foundation and the second polish the powder. Use the powder which have smart-lock powder and non comedogenic. To apply BB cream, you need to put a little of BB cream to your hand, then polish it to 5 sides of your face: right cheek, left cheek, nose, forehead, and chin.
Polishing BB cream from bottom to up spreadly. If any acne spot, you need to apply BB cream thickly to your spot of acne to smooth color of your face. You need to polish BB Cream to your neck to look smooth. After using foundation you need to polish powder.
To use powder, you musn’t move the spoon but you need to push it then polishing. Apply the powder to cover your face and neck, except eyebrow. Polish it to under eye to cover black circle on your face. You need to choose the foundation color which darker than your face skin color.
3. Decorative;
The next step your face is ready to make up using eye shadown, blush on, eye liner, mascara, eye brow and Lipstick.
1. take eye shadow; take light eye shadow and polish into half of eyelid. Then using bright eye shadow to 1/4 or 1/3 of eye. For highlight use light color to your up of eyelid, then using brush to color gradation.
2. Eye liner; You can use liquid or pencil eye liner. Apply eye liner from tip to in. If you use liquid eyeliner, close your eyes until the eye liner dried of. This to eye liner does’t patch to another eyelid area.
3. Polish mascara into eyelash, up eyelash to bottom eyelash. Mascara is used to add the eyelash volume. Your eyelash will be more thick and long.
4. To sharp eyes, use the pencil eyeliner under eyes. Apply the eye liner from half of tip to center. A half of it using light pencil eye shadow, for example; blue.
5. Eyebrow pencil. Using eyebrow pencil, you only need to polish to thin eyebrow. Before applying it, you need to make cordinate drop from eyebrow base, tip, and up of eyebrow. If you want to razor the eyebrow, only razoring the tip of eyebrow. Because the deep of eyebrow is basic of eyebrow.
6. Shading; shading give sharp efect of nose. Using brown eyeshadow then polishing to bottom side of eyebrow to bottom of nose. Beside, shading to your chubby face.
7. Blush on. Take blush on and polish into cheekbone. The simple ways to polish blush while your are smiling. Use the blush on to bottom of eyes on the cheek, then smoothing.
8. Lipstick. Use the lipstick harmonic with the color of eye shadow. Tint the lipstick into the lips.

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